l-r: Tript, Prabh, Amrit, & Harnoor

We are a pack, each others muscle and weakness--stating that we are 'sisters' is just labeling the relationship. Even though we are from the same deck of cards we can be thought of as representing the four different suits of cards. Count to four is a blog that was started for that purpose exactly. We wanted to share our usual dinner conversations/arguments on fashion, food, films, music, our city Vancouver and more.

Although some of us get called twins and very few people can get our order right, its our dynamic as four sisters that usually resonates and lasts with people. After all, you need all four suits to make an interesting card game! 

If you have any questions, inquiries or want to sponsor our blog please feel free to email us at: countto4@gmail.com


  1. Love your description! Great blog! Thank you for visiting and following! Following you now :)

  2. Amazing blog!


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