Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Nominated for Cosmo Blog Awards!

We have some really exciting news! Count to Four has been nominated by Cosmo readers in the Fashion Blog category for the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2013 in Association with Dove! Thank you so much to the Cosmo readers that have nominated us! 

We would love it if you all can head over there and vote for our blog and share it with your friends to vote! :) voting is open till June 15. 

Here is the link:

*p.s. We have been on a bit of a hiatus, but have an announcement coming up soon on what's going on! so hang in there!

Sunday, 17 March 2013

{Featured} in Cosmo India!

white staple shirt multiple ways

{Styled by} Prabh
{Photographed by} Tript

First off we are extremely sorry for the lack of posts on here recently. Being down with the cold, papers, assignments, exams, and prom dressing shopping is just some of the excuses we have for being MIA on the blog. 

But we are sooooo excited to share with our readers this amazing feature we've been working on and dying to share with you all! We were recently approached by COSMOPOLITAN - India magazine to do a feature.  The idea behind the feature was to choose a staple piece and style it in multiple ways.  Prabh chose to style a white collared shirt, which is a must have basic in anyone's closet. You can see in the spread the different ways she styled it, from casual to a night out, a white collared shirt can be so versatile. 
We were so honoured to be featured in such a popular magazine and had so much fun doing this project! For our Indian readers, don't forget to pick up this March Issue of Cosmo India!

- Tript

Thursday, 28 February 2013

peanut butter french toast

peanut butter french toast

Peanut Butter French Toast


2 slices of bread
2 eggs whipped
1 tablespoon milk
a pinch of cinnamon 
creamy peanut butter to taste
1 banana
handful blueberries (or anyother topping you enjoy)
some syrup and whipping cream to top

  1. whip up 2 eggs in a large bowl or container 
  2. add 1 tablespoon of milk and pinch of cinnamon to it and mix
  3.  make a peanut butter sandwich using the 2 slices of bread and peanut butter
  4. immerse the sandwich in the eggs, flipping over so both sides are covered in egg
  5. grease a small frying pan with butter and place the egg covered peanut butter sandwich on the pan - cook both sides of the sandwich on medium heant
  6. that's it! done! enjoy with sliced banana, some blueberries, syrup and whipping cream or any other topping you enjoy!

    - Tript

Friday, 22 February 2013

statement scarf part 2

statement scarf

Statment Scarf // H&M
Sweater // Joe Fresh

statement scarf

statement scarf

statement scarf

statement scarf

statement scarf

statement scarf

{Remix} I wore this scarf in last week's blog post: Statement Scarf

So it's the return of the statement scarf that I shared with you all last week here. I just love this scarf so much and so it makes another appearance on this blog! This time I chose to pair it with my favourite purchase this winter, this Joe Fresh maroon sweater. I've been down with the cold this week and have been catching up with some TV shows finally!

 Here are some shows that I've been watching:

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

3 ways to do leopard print

leopard mix

Smart hipster

In the blog post: The Leopard Touch I talked about how leopard screamed Fran Drescher from the Nanny to me and I wanted to work with the print to make it comfortable for me to wear. Thats where this look, the smart hipster, came in to being. I think it helps sub-due the leopard print and the pop-of-colour adds to it and in the end, I think its a smart looking outfit!


School day casual

Well, I know that I would wear anyone of these 3 outfits to school on any given day but I also know that not everyone has the energy nor motivation to wear looks 1 and 2 especially when everything feels like its due and crumbling around you. So this look in the blog post: Style inspiration: Deepika Padukone's Cocktail, is what I think would be perfect on any given day or time of a semester of school. Its both causal and easy to wear and above all its as effortless as it looks!

Preppy day out

jewellery details 
 I remember when the leopard trend first arose couple of years ago I was hesitant to pick it up and not only that I made it clear that wearing gold and leopard made me think of a time in the 80s that I would have liked to forget. But, then I learned that its all about how you put things together. In this blog post: Of all the golden animals I tried to create an outfit that worked prints on prints and gold on leopard and I feel I came up with a preppy look that encompassed the leopard print (which, before this post, I thought was near impossible!)


Wednesday, 13 February 2013

new york fashion week

It's Fashion Week in New York so that means I get to lovingly gaze at beautiful pieces created by designers and wish that I could afford and get a chance to wear them. I wanted to share some of my favourites so far.

Jenny Packham:

Marc Jacobs:

Karen Walker:

Brood RTW:

Valentino Spring 2013 Haute Couture:

Noon by Noor:

Suno RTW Fall 2013:

Timo Weiland:

3.1 Philip Lim FW13:

Oscar de la Renta:


Monday, 11 February 2013

statement scarf

statement scarf

scarf // h&m
shirt // h&m basics
tights // h&m
silver bangle/cuff // from India

statement scarf

statement scarf

statement scarf

statement scarf

statement scarf

Although the rest of Canada is experiencing snow storms, we are experiencing a nice warm winter, temperature being on average 4-6 degrees Celsius  It never really gets as cold as the rest of Canada here on the west coast, but this is definitely one of the warmer winters as of late. I do miss wearing my chunky knit scarfs over my chunky knit sweaters. I purchased this bright coloured warm wool scarf from our road trip to portland over the summer. It's super warm and cozy and a fun way to brighten up a outfit in the winter!

speaking of winter and winter accessories, don't forget to head over to our Count To Four Etsy Shop for some cute knitted accessories to add to your winter wardrobe! >>>>

I've also put together a collection of bright and fun scarves that will liven up your winter outfit: 

- Tript

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